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How Do You Find Affordable Yoga Teacher Training In India

India is the birthplace of yoga. It is but natural that people would prefer to come to India from all corners of the world to learn yoga from the original teachers. But there is also another reason why India is a popular yoga training destination. And that is affordability. There are many options for affordable yoga teacher training in India. Even the ones that are on the higher side of the pricing chart are usually cheaper than the options you get in other countries like Indonesia and Thailand. As a result, more people prefer to come to India for their yoga teacher training than anywhere else. The authentic Indian yoga experience at such reasonable costs is an offer that is too good to miss.

When you are looking around and researching for affordable yoga teacher training in India, you have to keep in mind that there is a difference between affordable and cheap. When we say affordable, there is an unwritten code that automatically says that the YTTC is reasonably priced for the quality of services it provides. But straight up looking for the cheapest option in the roster is invariably a compromise on quality. That is why it is important to check well before booking a service. Read up as many reviews as you can not just on the yoga school website but also booking sites. These give a clearer insight into what you will get out of the YTTC for what price.

Why Is There More Affordable Yoga Teacher Training In India

There are methods to apply and details to look out for getting more affordable deals for YTTCs in India. But even in general, it is cheaper to come to India for a YTTC than go to other places. There are two prominent reasons for that and we will discuss them below.

First, the cost of living in India is quite low. For amounts that can hardly get anything in other countries, you will find much of value in India. This is true in the case of YTTCs too. When the cost of every service is low, the savings are bound to add up and give you the opportunity of affordable yoga teacher training in India. 

That is not the only reason. There is another more important reason. The inception of yoga happened in India. Eminent yogis discovered this brilliant method of attaining full control over your body and mind. They taught these methods they devised in their ashrams to their students. This tradition has remained alive for millennia. Even today, the ashrams in India are far more sought after for their authentic yoga training that follow the traditions of yore. While yoga schools are more focused on teaching how to do yoga, these ashrams believe in teaching yoga. There is a huge difference between the two. 

The gurus in these ashrams want you to understand the true essence of yoga. They do not care about money. They take only that which they need to maintain the school. As a result, learning in an ashram is the ultimate way to get affordable yoga teacher training in India. Ashrams do not exist elsewhere because it is strictly an Indian institution. Even if ashrams are set up elsewhere, they will still not be as free from commercialization as Indian ashrams are.

How To Find Affordable Yoga Teacher Training In India

When you are looking for affordable yoga teacher training in India, you must have a checklist at hand. As you do your research, you should ensure that every place in the shortening shortlist checks all the boxes. That way, you can be confident that you are getting the right value for what you are paying.

School or Ashram

In the last section, we talked about how ashrams offer more affordable yoga teacher training in India than yoga schools. But you must remember that an ashram will have a more frugal system and settings. This is not just because they are non-commercial places to learn yoga but also because ancient Hindu philosophy did not support unnecessary luxury for ascetics. So if you are not sure you can adapt to that, go for a yoga school. When you choose a school for its lower price, check the reviews well and make sure it provides a Yoga Alliance certificate at the end of the course.

Training Centre Website or Booking Site

When you choose directly from the website of the yoga school or ashram, you have to take what you get. But when you book from a booking site, you will usually get discounts, offers, coupon code redemptions and combo offers. These go a long way in helping keep the expenses under budget.

Peak Season or Off-season

During the peak season, not only is it harder to get a seat, but the costs are also naturally higher. Both problems are solved if you go in the off-season. You will even save on plane tickets! Plus if the weather is pleasant, you can forego the AC-equipped accommodations and save further.

Basic Plan or All-inclusive

Some yoga schools will provide accommodation, meals and even airport pick-up and drop-off services along with the basic YTTC. These will increase the cost of the course. You might be thinking that is a bad thing, but it is, in fact, not. If you went for a basic plan and arranged the rest yourself, you will end up with greater expenses cumulatively.

Shared Room or Private Room

This is a no-brainer. A shared room will obviously cost nearly half of private accommodations.

Advance Payment and Offers

Since most YTTCs need booking with advance payments, make sure you choose one with a lower percentage for the advance payment. It should also at least a partial refund in case of cancellations. Try to avail the early bird and seasonal offers for even more affordable yoga teacher training in India.

What Are The Best Options For Affordable Yoga Teacher Training In India

Yeah. You can do a Google search and find out. But even Google can be misleading at times. Only hours of research can help you pinpoint the appropriate option. Or you can directly come to the Savitra Yoga Ashram website and discover the most affordable yoga teacher training in India of the highest grade.

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